Monday, August 4, 2008

Holy I.Q.'re really stupid!

Geeez, I don't post as much as I'd like because I know there's going to be some frustration involved. I love to read comments on my posts and I'd love to reciprocate but I still don't know where to find the group postings. Someone (Kim) needs to show me this obviously simple move. My stuff isn't interesting enough to keep reading. First of all, thank you , andrea for your offer to smell me out of the house. Unfortunately your farts are light weight compared to your husbands and Sadies diapers. They don't drive me out--they just start a war. You could, however, offer to take your mother-in-law out with you once in a while; that is if you are still talking to me for being the "M.I.L." I never wanted to be. The only way I can be redeemed is when you have your own children and find yourself doing things you swore you'd never do. Unfortunately I'll be dead by the time you realize this. But I promise to visit often from the after life. nya a a (sounds like the villainess laugh).
Anyway, back to the "genius" i.q. About 15 or so years ago Kim, my husband Mike and I all took an I.Q. test. All three of us scored genius with Mike the highest (but little common sense) and I the lowest. But still respectable. Since then Kim is the only living remaining genius. Mike is dead for almost 10 years and I am blaming my decline on my fibromyalgia, since it is a symptom called "fibro-fog" among the sufferers. I might find my keys in the refrigerator and my socks in my purse. So my potential for learning new stuff has greatly diminished over the last few years. I need a little extra instruction. So please be patient; and HELP. I used to make a living on the computer for awhile when I was a graphic artist. By far my most favorite job. I had to know a lot about art and writing programs. Now I have problems trying to figure out the remote on my new air conditioner. A testiment to ever growing laziness. It's too far away for me to get up and adjust. Its all the way over there.
Cassie, I loved having you guys here. I apologize for my brief meltdown regarding Sadies hair cut. My brain perceives things in a very scewed way. I actually felt quite guilty about ruining Sadies life by cutting her bangs too short. By the way, it doesn't look like they've grown out very much. She is still getting stares and ridicule:)* And the entertainment provided by your husband as he was preparing for a shower when I surprised him by coming downstairs unexpectedly was worth the whole visit. He looked a little like yetti---but in a good way. And your son is soo adorable. Very very smart for his age---for my age. But then he has a very intelligent set of parents. I was impressed how much you guys like to read as opposed to tv watching. If it wasn't for Sesame Street my kids would still be counting on their toes. Thank God there was no Barney at that time. They would all be singing "I love you, you love me....." Yuk! Well, it is laundry day. And I'm suppose to begin the new cooking regime that involves following a recipe. Something very different for me. It also explains alot. bye for now. love to you all (the drugs have kicked in) and talk to ya soon I hope.


Scooter said...

Your daughter and I will help you with your blog. I promise.

andrealamorand said...

Hey Chris!
I hope you know that I love you to peices and no little whatever that was we had over the phone is going to change that. I couldn't have asked for a better MIL! I am actually very thankful that you feel comfortable enough with me to be able to talk to me like that, and I with you. The only reason I haven't called to come take you with me anywhere lately is because I barely leave the house anymore! I work, come home, sleep, and occasionally go to trivia with Kim and Mark. That's about the extent of my life. :)
But actually tomorrow I am going shopping for an outfit for the wedding in VA, I will call you in the morning and see if you want to come with me! I hope you do, it will be nice to hang out and go shopping together again.
So no worries, there has been no harm done on my end. I hope that is true for you too.
Love ya!