Thursday, August 14, 2008


ok, i heard this at 1:a.m. ish but of course the computer wouldn't cooperate so hear it is from a letter read by Craig Fergusen. "If people point to their wrist when they ask what time it is, why don't they point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is". I thought this was hillarious. oh well. Cassie, this may be the only way I can talk to you. Whenever I try to access your blog, I get stopped at some point or other. My computer won't let me talk to you via the response. Maybe your energy and mine are just too much. I will keep tryng. I wanted to comment on an earlier blog about taking kai to the park or anyplace where he may be misunderstood. I was a loner child for fear of rejection more often than not. I still am. And when my kids were little I remember telling someone that I felt it was my children and I against the world, after some jerk with no kids got put out by one of them acting like a child. There are such things as perfect parents: they are the ones with no kids. That doesn't mean all childless people are like that. Its just that the rudest, stupidest remarks come from well meaning "no child" people. Sorry for using this venue for responding. Maybe I should burn some sage and waft it over the computer. I think Kim has some.

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cassdawn said...

hmmm, i wonder if you were trying to post while i was editing my page.

anyway - thanks. i mean logically i know but . . . course kai is so much stronger than i but i see the empath thing in him and that worries me.

i don't mind so much people criticizing me - i happens A LOT. the crap about me not feeding his junk is both endless and shocking. course my *favorite* is my nominal mother in law who told us that they either come as happy kids or don't and the only influence a parent has is to screw them up or not. so basically if he's a good kid we just lucked out and if he's bad we fucked up. grrrrr

stay tuned i imagine i'm gonna have to keep working this out for a while :) but thanks for the support.