Monday, August 11, 2008

OCD strikes again!

I went out to clean my van but the branches on the abandoned property next door keep slapping me in the face. So I grabbed the monster clippers and took out half the tree. Also their rose bush hangs over the fence and has dangerous thorns, so I took care of that also. I had to move the garbage cans to get to it and decided to clean up that whole area and till up the dirt to possibly make it attractive somehow. While I had the rake out i knew I needed to rake up the weeds I had pulled out of the front little garden. I got the lawn bags and loaded it up. But I needed to finish clearing and tilling that area, so I spent hours doing that. It was great. I didn't think of a cigarette or anything else. I realized how much I really enjoy gardening stuff. Plus I compose little stories while I'm alone with my head. If I do it enough I might come up with something publishable. Well, maybe I'll get to the van today and see where else it takes me. This is why a list of things to do is totally useless to me. It just makes me feel like a failure because--well you can figure out why. I am really sore today, but happy to have discovered something else to obsess about.


Kimber said...

The flower bed looks great! Fresh air and sun is better than van cleaning any day. screw what you "should" do and garden!

Scooter said...

Indeed, your gardening skills are "teh roxzorz", as the kids say. :)