Saturday, August 23, 2008

what was I thinking?

Last week kim and I cashed in her mother's day present from me --a manicure and pedicure. I got there a few minutes ahead of time, just enough time to do some damage. I decided to get fake nails. I did it 10 yrs ago and loved it. But since then my hands have warped a bit and I drop stuff all the time. Not only do I drop stuff more, I am always apologizing to my granddaughter for stabbing her (if only she understood what "I'm sorry gramma stabbed you" meant), I can't blow my nose well. although getting to my eyeball via my nostril is easier. And you won't find any earwax. The worst problem is the keyboard, I'm a hunt & pecker(?) for awhile. But the experience was great. I blew Kim's idea of sitting next to each other in the pedicure chairs cuz i had to get my nails on first. I needed her to hold my hand while that bitch korean scrubbed the bottom of my feet. Who likes that? I gaspped and screamed a few times. Plus I know they talk about us. It might be worth learning Korean just to find out. Then we went to CiCi's for lunch. All in all, a good day for me.However, nothing can compare to the day I had with my daughter when her daughter was born. She asked me to be in the O.R. with her. The greatest gift she could ever give me. Oh, and the "bundle" too. Aaron saw Sadie right after she was cleaned up and said "So that's what our skin is suppose to look like". I have to go now and pick food out from under my nails.


andrealamorand said...

Damnit... the same thing happened to me! I had a comment posted and it wouldn't go through.
Good for you and Kim to have some Mommy-Daughter time together... that's fun.
Where was Sadie for the fiasco?
I would love to learn Korean so when they talk about how my legs resemble tree trunks or something to that effect I can say back to her "Your Mother, Bitch".

Kimber said...

It's the price you pay for having sexy nails. Now get out there and use them on some guy and they'll be worth it!

cassdawn said...

yeah, then you can tell some guy - sorry for stabbing you :)

Scooter said...

Holy stream of consciousness blog, Batman! :)

You rock, Chris.

Mommy Phoenix said...

I just told Kim, for future reference, I know a Place where its all White girls who speak English as their only language.. lol
Venoy and Cherry hill, in the sun tan building next to Mickeys and Toarminas Pizza... I liked it there, and it was the same prices as the Koreans.