Monday, August 11, 2008

woops-bow & arrow in the head

I had to double dip today because I just remember what I saw on the news this a.m. The city of Royal Oak and some other city is considering making it legal to hunt with bow and arrow because of the increase in deer population. I guess there have been over a hundred car vs deer accidents of late. I know it makes sense to kill them rather than have them run all over populated places looking for food because of urban sprawl. But consider this. Why can't we just tag all the child molesters and lane blockers and hand out bows and arrows and shoot them instead. I'd rather have the deer. Has anyone ever considered birth control for deer. LIke put some in salt licks or something. This is getting so ridiculous. I go nuts everytime I see the bull dozers raping more pristine land for more buildings when we have abandoned houses and buildings all over the place. Open the goddamn doors of those places and let the deer in. As you probably realize, i like animals ---sometimes more than people. I am not naive. I understand people hunt for food. ok for them. I get that. But why bows and arrows? I give up.


cassdawn said...

well actually . . . if there is going to be hunting at all (and you should ALWAYS eat what you kill - i say that with no qualifiers) at least bow and arrows give the "target" a sporting chance.

Scooter said...

Bow and arrow hunting is marginally safer than rifle or shotgun hunting for the incidental bystanders.

That said... we should just have more wolves. Breed and release.

andrealamorand said...

I like animals WAY more than people. It is becoming a constant. Because of this should I be worried about myself,because I am developing a personality disorder or the rest of the population because they are assholes? Well either way I know that both of us would have it! LOL
I worry about the deer who get hunted with bow and arrow, because I would assume it is a less lethal shot, and they would suffer more. I hope I am wrong.