Saturday, July 26, 2008

how not to go garage sailing

Kim and Sadie are out happily hitting the yards while I am banished to my room because I don't feel good. I have a UTI--which is Utter Total Inconvenience. Plus I didn't get much sleep last night which began with Sadie's midnight madness. After that I just kept waking up for various reasons. this is not going to be at all interesting because I don't feel interesting. Kim said the motorcycle is back on the street. I saw it yesterday and figured I have to choose between teeth and a bike. By looking at a lot of bikers you can tell they chose the bike. But Kim might get the number anyway. What can it hurt?

Kim informed me yesterday that I my writing ran together and I need to make use of paragraphs. Where was this concern about gramatical construction when you were in high school?!

I'm going to take a nap and dream I am riding a Harley. xxxooo


Kimber said...

You didn't miss much. Also, there's always tomorrow. We will look at the bike on our way out again.

Stepho said...

Boo! Sympathy for your UTI. Hello from Cleveland, I'm Scooter & Kim's friend Stepho.