Monday, September 1, 2008

got my fix

Kim , Sadie and I went garage sailing on Saturday. I scored big. The first one I picked up an audacious victorian lamp shade. It was too big to fit in Kims trunk. Then we went to a place that was there just for me. There were bolts of brightly colored fabrics and patterns and a pair of orange shoes that were like high top commerce with beads and embroidery I had to have (50 cents!) I got about $400 worth of fabric for $40. My my heart was pounding so fast I thought I'd have a heart attack. My hands were shaking as I offered her an amount that was clearly criminal. She seemed satisfied and even threw in some stuff for free.
I am having a very intimate Labor day dinner for 5 1/2 people. It 'll be a mini thanksgiving. Kim is keeping an eye on me lest I invite 30 people and turn it into a huge shindig. She has seen a small soiree elevate to mass proportions before. And of course, whether its a barbque or Christmas, everyone knows that I disappear after dinner to go to bed.
OMG. Obama is coming to Detroit today. He's safe as a kitten.

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